Have you ever wondered about the ghosts that haunt Bangor? The ones who lived here before us, from the days of St. Columbanus to the 1798 Irish Rebellion? The ones who swam in Pickie in the 1920s, who were shipwrecked on the coast, or who simply lived and died in this town?

In this new film from director and artist, Rachel McCarthy, local artists come together to tell the stories of these ghosts. Through songs, stories, and poetry, they paint an intimate picture of Bangor's rich history.

The film is set in the present day, but it also takes us back in time to see the town as it once was. We see the changing vista of the seafront, the stout swimmers of Pickie, and the townfolk who called Bangor home.

This is a film that is full of heart. It tells stories of tragedy, darkness, light, mythology, hope, and despair. It is a celebration of Bangor, a town that is full of history and character.

This special screening of Bangor's Ghost will take place at Bangor Abbey where many of the participants in the stories are buried.

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  • Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable, so please check all details carefully when booking.
  • Please be advised that under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.
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Getting to Bangor's Ghost: A Love Letter to the Town

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